Monday, January 30, 2012

Raise Your Game! Invade!

If you're a competitive baller. You've probably been at it for a couple weeks. You've dusted off that old gear bag. Cleaned that gun that's been covered in paint since Cup. And realize that you've lost your _____ or need a ______. Here are some things from Exalt and Alien to put some steroids into you 2012 PB diet.

Exalt's newest and most anticipated piece of gear. The most functional, durable feedgates in the game have been available for the Rotor. Why not have one for the Prophecy?

The best gets better. Thrasher 2.0. Knees are better protected than the President.

Wear. A. Pair.


The high-range nice for the mid-range price Invasion courtesy of Jack Rice Laboratories. Hoseless. Rubber furniture. Same guts as your favorite Independence but for $599. Head to and learn about it. Available with a 3-piece barrel kit for only $60 more.