Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PR1ME's 2011 Jersey!

PR1ME has it’s jersey for the 2011 season brought to us by Animal Customs! They were kind enough to both have it designed and overnighted to us in Galveston for us to wear by our Saturday games! Now that’s service!

The jersey went through seven iterations before arriving to the sharp design pictured above. Upon suggestion from Animal, we went from a semi-custom design and worked from there. The team chose the Aramis Green/Gray design (no shield) and carved away and placed logos on top. Having Photoshop or Corel would really help with this process, luckily I didn’t have to. Scott Q, a friend and PBNation mod, hooked it up with some clutch .PSD format conversion. Thanks Scott!


-PR1ME with a “1” logo from last season has continued.

-Alien and Exalt logos were graciously submitted to us by both companies (though Animal has just about every conceivable paintball logo on file in their system. Updated monthly)

-The newest and most impressionable addition to the jersey is the Five-Pointed Fractal Star. (More on that at bottom).

Thanks to the entire Animal team! They never once hinted at exasperation from our constant requests. Special thanks to designer David Cortez!

A fractal is "a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole," a property called “self-similarity”… Because they appear similar at all levels of magnification, fractals are often considered to be infinitely complex. “Repeated at every scale and so cannot be represented by classical [Euclidean] geometry.”

I like to think of it as the geometric counterpart of the prime number. It’s indicative of infinite complexity and individuality matched with a unity to a whole (team concept). The five points is also representative of the five players on the field at a time in an Xball match.

Sources:, (yes I’m aware Wikipedia isn’t an academic source probably written by a community college dropout, but hey, this is a blog),

Next post on PR1ME's finish in Galveston.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mike Paxson, Coach 2011!

Team PR1ME is proud to announce a consecutive year with pro player Mike Paxson as our coach for the 2011 season. The man needs little introduction. Pro for a mere 5 years, he's already become a World Cup and PSP Series Champion and a cornerstone of the legendary Ironmen. Cool confidence, knowledge of the sport at the highest levels, a mad scientist when it comes to paint, and just flat enjoys the game as much as anyone we've seen playing for any amount of time. You can catch him showing kids at Oasis Paintball in Ft. Myers the arts of ground and pound style paintball, raising his daughter, Bebe Paxson, (parents watch your boys, she’ll beat’em up) or off the Florida coast catching sharks to throw in your lap. Look out for a clinic near you!

Find out his next stop at:

Here’s a vid of Pax’s first practice with team PR1ME in 2010 (Courtesy Mike & Jen Bianca) prior to going down to Lakeland, FL and taking gold at CFOA 1.
Team PR1ME Drills/Scrimmage Winter 2010

-Thanks for the knowledge and the fun times Pax!

But, on a serious note on behalf of a couple of the team members, "You suck." hahahaaaaa!!

*Note: PR1ME began another coaching relationship with one Matt Sossoman of the New Jersey Jesters. We'll let you know how that came about and what he's been up to on a soon-to-be post!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 SPONSORS!!!

Team PR1ME is proud and humbled to announce its sponsors for the 2011 season. Alien, Exalt, and Animal Customs. All are homegrown, quality brands with premium, proven, durable products. Pr1me's players seek out the best and thanks to the following companies, we've been able to get it. We wouldn't have it any other way. So don't hesitate to ask us about their gear!

PR1ME will be shooting the 2011 Alien Independence. Ultra-low profile, superlight, highly efficient, ball on ball accurate shot. Reliability with near zero maintenance thanks to a sealed ram chamber, which means no greasing. Still not a believer? We'll let you shoot one. You'll see. We'll also be getting our hands on the new midrange brainchild of Alien engineer Jack Rice, the Invasion. For more info head to
- Thanks Jack!

Exalt has demonstrated player-mindful savvy gear from the very beginning. The only company to offer continual evolutions of a paintball cleat, Exalt is fast moving up and elbowing for room alongside the big boys of the paintball industry by diversifying its product line. Exalt will be supplying team PR1ME with pants, practice jersey, feedgates (there's hardly debate that they're the best in the business), barrels (that's right, they got a 7" back for increase ball contact/accuracy too), and an assortment of superclean swag. Check out their new product line at
-Thanks Nolan!

This is now a second year of partnership between Animal Customs and team PR1ME. Their attentive customer service and ability to work hand in hand with the players to give them totally custom gear has brought us back. All players want a unique look, Animal is the only surefire way to make it happen. Our first season jersey was a minimalist but iconic design made by players (and wives) of team PR1ME (thanks Jen Bianca!). This time we've worked hand in hand with Animal's team of graphic designers. They've been attentive with quick response times. We cannot wait to unveil our 2011 jersey. Sure to draw eyes (and maybe even controversy??) the new jersey should be brought to the national and regional circuit real soon. Want your own custom gear?
-Thanks Mondo!

Again, a million thank yous to Alien, Exalt, and Animal on behalf of the entire Prime Paintball organization. You've given this hardworking, homegrown D3X team out of the deep south even more motivation to take national gold and to do it with the best equipment and style.