Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Tournament Hosted At Prime!!!

Prime Tournament 1.0 Beta Test Complete!

Players walking the field. Some say it's an extinct art form, but it's still a common necessity in local tournaments.

Team Pr1me hosted the 4th event of the ACES (Alabama Challenge Event Series) on August 21st. This was the first event ever held at the Farm and proved that it would not be the last. Players were greeted with beautiful blue skies, mild heat compared to days prior and a cool summer breeze. The paintball gods shined on the Farm by holding off any potential threat of rain that had drenched the field just a day before.

Staging and a surprising amount of spectators showing support.

All logistics were put into place to make this a fine event. Nets added, the famous turf prepped thoroughly, picnic tables, sun shades, paint ordered, refs briefed, and team PR1ME's sponsors came up HUGE allowing players to battle for cash and gear including Alien gun bags and Exalt apparel!

Some Mississippi ballers prior to play

11 teams, 3 of which came over from our sister state of Mississippi, vied for the first place spot. The event was reffed by members of Team Pr1me. Special thanks to our old friend Tyler Jasper from the Red NRG days for jumping in and helping officiate. Photography was once again supplied by our good friend Michael Day (www.michael-day.net). Several players even tried out the 2011 Alien Independence and many were surprised by the performance!

Justin trying out the 2011 Independence fitted with the new Exalt Reg Grip! Below: Others trying out the Indy!

The day started off to a bit of a slow start, but once games started, the action was steady and fierce. After the dust of the prelims settled, 6 teams were left standing ready to face off for the first place prize. Hide Yo Kids made the cut to face Phantom Regiment Gambit. One Asian Crew drew a tough Mississippi team in Warped Kidz and rounding out the semi-finals were Anacondas vs. Chris Isn’t Paying For This.

Anacondas, a mix of young talent

A couple members of team Avarice made it out.

Boys from the "Action Pursuit Games of Brandon" Mississippi field

Alabama's future. Two 14 year olds laying their foundation of tournament experience.

Hide Yo Kids took 6th placing Phantom Regiment Gambit in 5th. One Asian Crew took the Warped Kidz making the Kidz 4th and the Crew 3rd. The first place prize came down to a battle between the Anacondas and Chris Isn’t Paying For This. In the end, The Anacondas squeezed out Chris Isn’t Paying For This to take home the first place prize. Special Thanks to Exalt and Alien for sweetening the prize packages. Two companies that are truly on the rise!

First Place: Anacondas

Second Place: Chris Isn't Paying For This

Third Place: One Asian Crew

Fourth Place: Warped Kidz out of MS

All in all, it was a great day of paintball. PR1ME would like to thank all the teams for participating in our first event and making it a success.

Hope we see everyone at the final stage of the ACES series October 2nd @ Advantage Paintball in Cullman, AL to decide series winners! We’d like everyone to join the Pr1me crew out at the Farm for the final installment of the 3man series Nov. 6th. Might be the last opportunity to play competitive ball in Alabama!

Refs: Mike McGowan, Cam & Darrell McDonald, Mike Bianca, Griff the Ultimate, Jeff Wise, and Tyler Jasper. VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO: Stacy McDonald and Mr. & Mrs. McGowan.

*All photos courtesy of Michael Day Photography

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PR & Ga State: July Open Practice

Another practice with some great people. Once again the men from Phantom Regiment came out. Teaching us all that there are some that have a much more enduring love of the game. Many of them break down their paintball experience by the decade. Always an honor to have them join us. Roy Hatch, former field owner of Paintball Quest. Still at it.

The boys from Georgia State University also joined us. The team has only been in existence as a university club for two years, but already they have won several events (including their very first in Pittsburgh in Feb. '10) and are ranked second nationally behind North Texas in class AA (5man). (NCPA Rankings)
Members of their squad attending: Garry Smith, Ryan "Nubbz" Snyder, Christian aka Juicy Juice, Mike Waters, and Brandon Bisso. GSU players unable to attend were D1 player, Philip Fordham and Vince Martinez (of team PR1ME). The team is also coached by current PR1ME captain and GSU Alumni, Mike McGowan. Prime PB will have to go into further detail with them here once the Fall season kicks off. We hope to have many more practices with them in the future.

R. Nubby

A little pre-game banter

A nice capture by Mr. Day

Exalt+Alien = TUF

Chris Roark makin some TUF shots with the cutoff sleeves.

PR1ME alum Jeff Wise, Red on Red on Red...on Red

Head to www.michael-day.net for more photos

Monday, August 1, 2011

Try Some Of Our Grass


Member of LA Swat diving in

All but second and last photos courtesy of Michael Day Photography. Check him out @ www.michael-day.net